This weekend I will be resting for Shabbat as usual. Afterward I will interview my Aunt Malu (seen in the picture above).

There is one minor detail to this plan: my aunt doesn’t speak French. And I barely know any Tshiluba.

No worries, I tell myself, this issue will only spice up our conversation.

I look up some synonyms of ’spice up’ on Thesaurus.com:
“animate, brace up, brighten, divert, entertain, excite, fire up, galvanize, give life to, invigorate, jazz up, juice up, quicken, spark, stimulate, vivificate, vivify, wake up, zap.”

Yep! I can visualize the interview already.

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See you next week with new stories of my travels, including “If you want to die quickly, sleep with a Luba woman.”


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