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Kuena umanya muamba tshidimu;
Maweja m-muena kukosolola. (Tshiluba)

Ne soyez pas un entasseur de biens;
Vous ne savez pas ce qui se passera pendant l’année;
C’est D’ieu qui mesure le temps de votre vie. (French)

Don’t accumulate material possessions;
You do not know what will happen during the year;
It is G-d who mesures the length of your life. (English)

The Meaning:
Tomorrow is a day G-d only knows about. You could accumulate things as much as you want and still die unexpectedly. Papa Tshimanga gives the example of a man who planned and accumulated possessions for years to come. He died in his sleep one night and never got to use his wealth.



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Mbwa wa lubilu ushiile nyama panshi. (Tshiluba)

Un chien trop rapide dépasse sa proie. (French)

A dog running too fast leaves its prey on the ground. (English)

The proverb advises not to do things too quickly. Slow down! Or you might lose the very thing that really matters.

This can apply to the student who wants to learn too fast, does not understand the subject and ends up not passing his exams. It can apply to the overzealous man who sees all his projects fail.