My cousins are entering information in the family tree

My cousins are entering information in the family tree

I have started creating my family tree using the Ancestry app for iPad. This has facilitated my work tremendously as I travel and interview family members from one country to the next.

The iPad is gold. I am able to travel light. No need for a laptop. And I can even forgo bringing my heavy paper notebook if I desire. I can do everything with just my iPad.

Using the Ancestry app on my iPad,  I have been able to add on information directly onto my family tree during an interview. 

Sometimes, such as during my recent trip to Bruxelles, my cousins did the data entry themselves. This allowed me to sit back and socialize while the genealogy work was getting done. After all I was reuniting with this side of the family for the first time in 24 years. That was a blessing. 

I like the fact that the genealogy application on my iPad is linked to the Ancestry website whenever I have connection to the internet. This means the family tree gets updated online; and so I can easily share it with all my family members instantly.

Here is what I don’t like (nothing can be perfect):

1. I need to have wifi connection to edit the family tree. Without internet, my family tree can just be a show-off piece like a mere hard copy book. I don’t think the Ancestry app will work too well in the Congo. Most houses do not have wifi connection. So how am I going to use the app and continue building my family tree as I travel from village to village? I wish there was a way to edit one’s family tree on the iPad without wifi. If anyone knows how, please let me know.

2. The second item I don’t like is that I need to enter manually every single person. What if I find entire other family trees that can be linked to my own? We’re talking about large African families. I don’t want to have to copy large family trees manually. There must be an easier way. Any thought on that? Your comments will be very much appreciated.


  1. admin on 05.23.2011

    Hi Kabuika. What a surprise to hear from you. Sounds like you’re having a great time traveling in Europe. I enjoyed your blog. I’m glad the iPad is working out for you. Hope you get your app questions answered. Indeed there must be solutions to those two issues.

  2. admin on 05.24.2011

    Hi Kabuika,
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