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Iowa farmI have never spent a summer doing absolutely nothing. And here I am planning to stay in Iowa for the summer. Will I have a do-nothing summer? What is there to do in a small town of 10,000 people? Any suggestion? I am living one hour south of Iowa City.


  1. Rebecca on 12.04.2009

    Your picture of Iowa is absolutely beautiful. I was wondering if you would let me use the picture for a family book that I have been asked to type. It is the handwritten version of a family member’s life story from that was born in 1893. This book is not being sold, it is strictly for my family. I am making the book via Booksmart program.

  2. Paul on 03.16.2011

    I live about an hour South of Iowa City and theres plenty to do anything from Fishing to going to the Corn fest or The Old Threshers reunion. I like to go around and take pictures of old Barns and countryside. Don’t forget to stop buy and try a good Pork Tenderloin.

  3. luke on 07.30.2014

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