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It’s Sunday morning. I decide to watch the sunrise. The town I live in, Saintry sur Seine, is exactly what its name says, “Saintry on the river Seine.” The river Seine snakes through Paris and its banlieues. Being on La Seine means being in the valley. On either side of the river, hills ascend in the east and in the west. It will take some time for the sun to rise from above the hill and shine its rays on the small town. Perfect! That means an extra hour in bed for me before going out to shoot the sunrise.

After an early breakfast of baguette and hot chocolate, I’m on the road. The city is still asleep as I walk along La Seine. There are no cars, no early-bird construction workers, only the occasional homeless men asking for a cigarette. It feels like the sun is putting on a show for only me and the swan.

sunrise seine

Swan on La Seine

The swan glide silently on La Seine letting me take their portraits. I continue walking, my sandals crunching the black gravel. My steps harmonize like music as they combine with the  ”Cock-a-doodle-doooo” of a nearby chicken, except that French chickens say “cocorico.”

Soon the motor sound of a barge breaks the tranquil morning. A blue barge, complete with a car on top, churns down the river.

peniche et  voiture

I wonder what it is like to live on a barge? It is a common way of life in France. A barge (called peniche in French) sometimes carries a car for its owner to zoom to work every morning, I imagine. Barges here even have mailboxes on the river banks for the mailman to bring letters and packages to the river people. 

I walk for about an hour and reach the next city called Corbeil. 

Sunrise over la Seine Corbeil

Sunrise over the river Seine Corbeil

In Corbeil, my sunrise walk ends with a view of la Mairie (city hall) and a bird flying over the city, waking up.

Bird at sunrise


  1. Leon on 05.29.2011

    Hey Kabuika!

    I noticed you’re not in Congo anymore…. Were you able to get the footage you wanted?

  2. admin on 05.30.2011

    Hi Leon, I am first doing interviews and filming in Paris, then heading out to Congo as soon as I raise enough funds for this segment of the project. Kabuika

  3. Leon on 06.03.2011

    ahh I see. Well BEST of luck in your fundraising efforts :-)

  4. scott on 07.28.2014

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    tnx for info!…

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