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Marcia's Last Feast

Marcia's Last Feast


  1. Medhanit Gashaw on 07.02.2009

    This film made me think about how I want to retire. It was touching and I really appreciated you as always. I admire how you see things and value them. This may be a fact of life for those who live in the US. But for an African like me it probes a question “what am I doing here?” In my culture when you get older, your value increases. Your children and grand-children are always with you. You don’t worry too much about who would do this or that because it is always done by one of your children and even your neighbours. In the US, it may seem that when you get older, everyone thinks that you are incapable of taking care of yourself, but it is not so. My culture shows the love for the elderly. And I want to retire that way _ respected, cared for and with someone to talk to.

    Dear Kabuika, your film was really a good film. It touches everyone here and it is a different kind of work that no one can easily think of. I would like to say thank you for your time and energy spent on producing the film and making me think ahead of time about my own life. Thank You! Thank You! Thank you!


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