Jewish African Woman

Bruxelles _
I am in the European Union capital for a few days. My business meeting is over and first things first, I need to find a shul (synagogue in Yiddish) for Shabbat service. There is a Conservative shul I found online, but it’s clear across town and I don’t feel like schlepping all the way there.

It’s Friday afternoon, Shabbat is starting in a few hours and I’m desperate. A friend suggests that I simply go out and ask any Jewish person that passes by. Dressed in my Congolese business outfit, I do just that. I am in luck. I see a man wearing a kippah and speaking in English to his son who has little curls on the sides of his face. Orthodox Jews! Perfect.

I approach him and ask if there is a shul in the neighborhood. He looks at me warily and sends me two doors down. When I knock at the door, a young woman answers.

“Do you know of any shul in the neighborhood?” I ask her.

She looks at me with suspicion and gives me an email address to find shuls in Belgium.

“Lady! It’s less than an hour before Shabbat,” I say. “Do you think anyone will read their emails before Shabbat?”

She realizes then that maybe this black woman standing before her is Jewish. So she gives me an address: “109 …”

I decide to go and check it out just in case it’s a phony address. When I get to the place, it looks like a house. There is no sign. No name. Just the number 109. A man who looks like a bouncer intercepts me even before I knock at the door.

“Is this a shul?” I ask him.

“What is your business here?” He demands.

“I want to attend Shabbat service tomorrow morning.”


“What’s the matter? Don’t I look Jewish to you?” I ask him, pointing to myself.

He looks at my African outfit and shrugs. I realize he’s simply doing his job; I tell him yes, I am Jewish _ from Chicago.

“From Chicago?” He asks me to wait. An orthodox man, wearing a black hat, comes out and introduces himself as being from Brooklyn, New York. “Which shul do you go to in Chicago?”

I tell him and answer all his other questions. He invites me to the Shabbat service; I must have passed the test.

The next morning, I walk to shul and find a lovely community of people from all over the world: France, Finland, Belgium, Germany, England, Slovakia… And the man from New York is the rabbi. A cute little girl comes up to me and asks why I am brown. I smile and tell her it’s because I like to hang out in the sun (my ancestors too for that matter). Praying together, there are Ultra Orthodox, Modern Orthodox, and Jews who can barely read Hebrew. As a Conservative Jew, I fit perfectly in the middle.

The people I saw yesterday, all come up to me and apologize for being so guarded. There had been some attacks on synagogues in the city. That’s why the shul looks like a house.

I am invited to the Kiddush afterwards. We sit outside in the backyard, with children, running all over the lawn. We eat and talk for hours; it feels like an afternoon spent with family and friends.

I look forward to praying in that community again the next time I am in Bruxelles, whether or not I am wearing a Congolese outfit.


  1. Gwyn Chiarmonte on 05.28.2011

    Hi, I’ve been a lurker around your blog for a few months. I love this article and your entire site! Looking forward to reading more!

  2. Nesta Wagoner on 05.29.2011

    Am so loving these stories!!!. I, being your American Sister, gets the first autographed book!!!!!!
    take care and be safe!!!

    Miss and love you, and hoping you come back home soon!!!


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  5. Nesta Wagoner on 06.10.2011

    Hello Marcelline!!!!

    Am really enjoying all of this!! do u know yet when you will be going to the Congo????Am missing you!!!!!! Keep the stories coming….

    Love Ya Sister!!!!

  6. Nettie Scarlata on 07.04.2011

    They say an individual learn something new just about every day, after reading through this post it is safe to say that I can go back to bed! Hehe.

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