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Watch the VIDEO of Kabuika at the National Library in Paris

I went to la Bibliothèque Nationale de France (François Mitterrand). It was the only library in Paris where I could find books on the Luba culture. I discovered books of the 1960s on the Baluba. What a treasure!

The library is built for the conservation of books, films, audio recordings, etc. People are more like an afterthought. I am exaggerating, but only a little. The place has a clean, industrial feel to it.

La Bibliothèque Nationale holds an amazing collections of books and other items published and produced in France. Its aim is to preserve the collective memories of the country.

This is a role model for Congo. We really need to conserve our rich heritage.



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I’m Kabuika.

Although I have a typical Luba name, it is considered unusual in some parts of the world. My name is always an ice breaker when I meet new people.

Such was the case when I ran into Yves, a French man, standing outside of the cathedral in Chartres, France.

I pulled out my iPad and filmed our meeting. Here is a loose translation of our conversation in the video:

Yves: “What’s your name? Meredith?”

Me: “Kabuika”

Yves: “Kabuika? What a name! What a name!
… And what do you do in Chicago?”

Me: “I am an independent journalist. Here in France, I’m filming, interviewing, photographing tons of people. Then I put all the stories on my blog. And people get to follow what I’m doing.”

“That’s incredible!”

Me: “I will put you on YouTube.”